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CDM's Biggest Music Tech Stories of 2009 Round-Up

Create Digital Music (CDM) has long been the default homepage on 507projex computers (well, was, but more on that in a minute)...and if you are visiting here and haven't been there--well, something is wrong with the cosmos. Which does not surprise.

At any digression, CDM wrote a great piece on Music Tech in 2009 where they proclaimed Propellerhead's Record best software of the year, Ableton as the top developer and looked forward to the big stories of 2010 like the switch to Linux over Apple. For the full review, check out their post here.

As ominously predicated earlier in the post, long-standing comrade in 507, an Apple MacBook Pro, is no more (for now). However, with a new year comes new gear. At least that is rad.

Sovereign Sect footage from Rochester will be up this week (promises).


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[...] 11, 2010 We’ve been meaning to get an exclusive Sovereign Sect video or two put together for a while now, alas…it seems as though we finally got it.  Sovereign Sect has been the staple opener for [...]

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